About Whiskeyphiles

We’re a community of whiskey lovers that’s passionate about discovering, enjoying, and sharing great spirits with good friends. We’re mostly about bourbon and scotch, and agnostic about whether you spell it whiskey or whisky. We like them both, depending on the day, our mood, and the weather. Wine and beer are great, but mostly just for chasing a good dram. Sweet cocktail mixers are an abomination designed to appeal to spoiled palates of people raised on syrupy sodas. Don’t get us started on the topic of Fireball. Just don’t. Our favorite cocktail is a good whiskey on the rock (one cube of ice, moderately sized, preferably melted). Thank you for joining us here and stay tuned for reviews of the best whisk(e)ys we can find, and please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions via our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds.