Bourbon Bracket 1st Round Results: 64 Bottles under $64

How do you find the best bottles of bourbon under $64? Head to head blind tastings all during the month of March. It’s a lot of work and dedication, but we owe it to our followers, tastebuds, and wallets. Here’s a look at the results form the first round results. Our main takeaways so far are that there are lot of good to great whiskies out there, even at affordable price points. There have been some surprising upsets, like #15 seed Elijah Craig over the much more expensive and elusive Blade and Bow, some very close overtime matches featuring favorites we thought would win easily — looking at you Old Forester 1920 and Michter’s Bourbon. But Buffalo Trace and the always scrappy Wild Turkey 101 are tough early round draws.

The biggest disappointment so far was Smooth Ambler’s Big Level, which was the only whiskey sample that didn’t get consumed to the last drop. Our top contenders from strong early games look like Weller Antique 107 and Old Forester 1910.

Now on to the next round! Cheers!

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