Michter’s 10 Year Old Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey: Review

IMG_5541Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey, 46.8 % Alcohol by Volume, 92.8 Proof

When people find out you write a whiskey blog, pretty much the next thing they ask is what’s your favorite? Of course, they all expect it to be the famous and elusive Pappy Van Winkle. That seems to be the bourbon that people who don’t know much about bourbon know about. But the last taste I had of a Pappy didn’t live up to the original memory. Frankly, I’m more than happy with an almost always available Mckenna 10 —shame it’s price is creeping north of $30 these days. But my all around favorite whiskey from 2017 was the Michter’s 10 Year Old Bourbon. So I was super excited to pick up this 10 year old rye, and it doesn’t disappoint. (On a side note, Michter’s is the preferred bourbon of Bobby Axelrod on Showtime’s “Billions”—who could very well afford all of the Pappy he wants.)


A well burnished copper with long gummy legs that slowly slide down the edge of the glass.


Instantly perfumes the whole room with cherries and sweet candied orange peels.


The first sip reveals leather wrapped cherries that slowly fade into a lingering burn on the back of the tongue. It’s only slightly musty like a well loved library, and paired perfectly with the Leonard Cohen song I was listening to while tasting—”First we take Manhattan, and then we take Berlin.” This is a rye that could conquer any skeptic. It has  everything I loved from the 10 Year Old Bourbon, with a touch of peppery rye to boot. It was super smooth going down without any water or ice added, but when I did drop in a few small cubes it brought out more bass notes and added complexity. Cherries came back at the finish and overall it’s sweeter than I remember the bourbon. This is another house favorite that will be hard to save for special occaisons.

Rating 🥃🥃🥃🥃

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