Jefferson Presidential Select 16-year Twin Oak: Review


47% alcohol/Vol 94 Proof

With only a 10,000-bottle run, I feel very lucky to get this from my local liquor store.  Typically, things this rare don’t make it to Arkansas and they definitely don’t make it to the shelf.  The bottle is one of the most expensive I’ve ever I’ve ever purchased at $170.   With MSRP at $199, at least I know my local guy is doing me a favor.  I’m not wild about Jefferson base bourbon, though it’s still good.  I did really enjoy their five-bottle experimental collection, so I thought twin oak might hit a flavor profile sweet spot for me.  The bottle is fancier, with a thicker/heavier bottom and some additional stickers and seals.  For me this is one of the rare times that chasing a higher MSRP bottle is really worth it.  This is pony level unicorn bottle for me.


The appearance is amber honey with medium thick medium long legs.


The nose is spiced leather sugar, with caramel vanilla cherry oak wood smoke.  After letting it breathe for a minute, oak and vanilla scents step forward.


The initial taste is a little heat but really smooth with no kick, bite or burn.  The mouth feel is thick and easy to chew on, adding only a kiss of heat to the cheeks.  The prominent flavors are caramel, vanilla, oak, toffee and baking spice.  Follow up tastes reveal custard, orange, and a touch of a flower I can’t place.  The finish is lightly dry with a decent linger not burning, it’s sweet and smoky sugary oak.   For people who like very unique flavors, this is a wonderful bourbon.  I know the price point is steep, but for me it’s worth it.   This might be my favorite release from Jefferson, can’t wait for my next pour, cheers!

Rating 🥃🥃🥃🥃1/2 (4.5)

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