Colonel E. H. Taylor Straight Rye: Review

IMG_3732Bottled in Bond, 100 Proof, 50% ABV

We’ve been fans of Colonel Taylor for a long time. Around our parts however, we mostly just see Small Batch and Single Barrel on the shelves, so we’re always looking for the other expressions. Since I heard a tale of someone who stopped into a tiny liquor store in  Dumas, Arkansas and found a pristine bottle of Pappy Van Winkle just hanging out at retail price, I’ve made a point to stop in every out-of-the-way store I happen to pass when traveling. While on a duck hunting trip in Stuttgart, Arkansas last December, I pulled into the only purveyor in this little Delta town. While Pappy wasn’t home, there was a lovely bottle of Blanton’s and several of these Col. Taylor Ryes. Perfect for fueling the fire pit conversations and poker games at the duck club that night.


Sweet cherries and baking spices, with a slight touch of peach.


Medium amber, short stocky legs.


That standard strong pepper flavor so typical of rye was right up front, fading into cherries and peaches promised in the nose. It was very dry with some leather notes on the medium length finish. As it breathed, more pepper and leather showed up for the party. Overall, it’s a very crisp, and full flavored juice. Still, it was a little flat compared to the explosive Willet I followed up with (review coming soon) which was less brisk, but had more depth and chocolate.

Rating 🥃🥃🥃

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