Michter’s 10 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey: Review

IMG_389094.4 proof; suggested retail price $120

After several years of being a good customer at my favorite liquor store, I had yet to make it to the preferred customer list—until some friends bought a charity dinner at my house and invited owners of said liquor store as guests. During the course of the evening, being a good host I showed them my well-stocked whiskey cabinet and invited them to try anything they’ like. This hospitality finally got me on the private client list. Next time I was in the store, they asked what I was looking for and I asked what they had hidden in the back. They came back out with this, while $120 is a bit stiff, these bottles go for much more in the aftermarket. After assuring them I wouldn’t put it up for resale, I got it at the the list price. I’d buy it again and again and again every time I find it.


Deep coppery hue with long elegant legs in no hurry


Smells of your typical cinnamon and vanilla quickly give way to ambrosial notes of butterscotch, cherry, and a hint of bubble gum


As soon as it passed my lips, this liquid was immediately one of my favorite whiskies ever. The first sip reveals a wall of deep bass wood notes, dark chocolate bitterness, and leather fading into mellower sweet flavors of musky honey, butterscotch, and bing cherry. In other words, almost all my favorite flavors. It was was as eye-opening as the time I tasted my first Pappy’s—something not replicated on more recent batches of Pappy. There’s a thick, medium slick mouth feel and a sharp peppery finish. Adding a small cube of ice brought out more of the deep wood notes. It was probably better without it. I’ve since lucked into a bottle of the equally rare Toasted Barrel Rye which I’ll review soon. A friend tipped me off to a bottle of the 25 Year Old Michter’s—at $750, but not for sale to me. It’ll be a while till I’m on that level of the list. Here’s to good store rewarding loyal customers!

Rating 🥃🥃🥃🥃3/4


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