Treaty Oak Distilling Experimental Collection: Review


50% alcohol/Vol 100 Proof

I’ve never had a bottle from Treaty Oak out of Dripping Springs Texas (just outside of Austin).  The experimental collection varies from batch to batch.  The bottle I got ahold of is supposed to be 52% corn, 33% wheat, and 15% barley, so rye has been left out in the cold.  This batch is a single barrel and was aged 4 years, so it’s really on the young side.


Hot with some notes of cherries, buttered corn and wheat.


The color is a golden brown with some auburn highlights.  The legs are pretty quick and thin.


The taste is hot with oak, butterscotch, cherry and buttered popcorn flavors.  It has a thin mouth feel with quick dryness.  Letting the glass breathe a little, I found some spice (similar to rye which is weird with no rye in the mashbill) and baking spice.  The finish is a mix of oak and buttered popcorn with a touch of bitterness from the oak, making this glass different than most I drink.  I can see where this distillery will do some interesting things and look forward to finding my next bottle.  I feel Treaty Oak is trying some of the same methods as Barrel Bourbon, but I’m just guessing since I haven’t been to either distillery yet.

Rating: 🥃🥃🥃

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