Old Medley 12 years Old: Review

FullSizeRender (4)

Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Sour Mash, 43.4% alcohol/Vol 86.8 Proof

Another great bourbon from our friends at Medley.  A limited release, this bottle is a 2016, which was limited to around 2,500 cases.  Most of Medley’s limited releases are hard to find around our parts, so I felt fortunate to find this on the shelf at $50.  As usual, the bottle is the old school throwback model that you’ve grown accustomed to seeing, but just jumps off the shelf to me.


It smells impressive right from the jump.  Oak and leather are front and center lending to comparisons with much older bourbons.  There are faint hints of vanilla, caramel and rye, but the’re in the background.


The palette is oak and leather first detected in the nose, tasting older than its 12 years in the barrel.  There are layered flavors with the sweetness taking a few steps forward from a background of buttered corn and hazelnuts combined with vanilla, caramel, and rye—similar to how pie flavors are folded together.  Tastes are independent of each other, yet still rely on and enhance the whole.  The finish is quick and mellow with very little burn leaving your mouth with a delicious coating of happiness—similar to a smoked hazelnut and vanilla crème brulee with just a hint of spice.

Rating: 🥃🥃🥃🥃

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