High West Whiskey Double Rye!: Review

IMG_3333A blend of straight rye whiskeys, 96 Proof, 48% ABV

When I first decided that the Manhattan was going to be my signature drink (before I decided to drop the bitters and vermouth and just sip the whiskey neat), original recipes called for rye rather than bourbon—but rye whiskey practically couldn’t be found anywhere south of the Mason Dixon line. Rye whiskey was Yankee juice. Literally, it was what Gen. U.S. Grant drank (Old Overholt from what I’ve heard). But now with the whiskey revival, it seems like my fellow southerners have gotten over that prejudice and embraced rye with open arms. High West has been turning out some tasty stuff, so when I saw one last bottle of this Double Rye on sale at our favorite store, we had to pick it up.


Medium caramel with long lingering legs


Hits you right up front with a wollop of peppery spice, followed by a delicate touch of light floral notes.


The nose doesn’t lie, with a mouthful of peppery spice hitting the tongue right up front. As it fades, the peppers mellow out to a little more spice for pepper all the way down. It’s very smooth for 96 proof, just a little subtle heat. After adding a touch of water, even more peppery spice showed up with a creamy texture carrying the floral notes hinted at in the nose. While the bottle looks like a prop from a Westworld saloon set, the whiskey raises just enough heck to be a great fall sipper.


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