Wild Turkey Rare Breed 112.8°: Review


112.8 Proof, 56.4% ABV

As stated in several of our earlier reviews for Wild Turkey and Russel’s Reserve products, we’re big fans of the kicking chicken and it’s many evolutions. Unfortunately, not this one. Regrettably we didn’t Google up the latest reviews for the 112.8 batch before picking this up over a similarly priced Russel’s Reserve Single Barrel. Reviews for the recently released 116.8 Proof are much improved, and although we’re gun shy now, we’ll still give it another chance eventually.


Watery honey with skinny legs.


Alcohol burn with dried cloves, a whisper of leather and new oak.


Hmmmm, this should have been a lot better experience. At first sip it was all heat with a paper thin mouth feel (one of the greatest whiskey sins in my book). There was a nice long finish and an intriguing glimpse of something exotic, maybe cardamom? As much as we love the Turkey, we couldn’t help thinking this was nowhere near as much frolic or fun as WT 101. Usually things improve when we add just a touch of water, but not much this time. It did soften the unpleasant burn (there are good burns, this wasn’t one) and jailbreak some hidden hints of lemon, light brown sugar, and cayenne pepper. But also a disagreeable gritty sandy quality. You can tell this is a high-class liquid, just not one you want to party with.

Rating: 🥃*

(* Marked down a point for the price to quality ratio.)

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