Weller 12 Year: Review

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45% alcohol/Vol 90 Proof, “The Original Wheated Bourbon”

This is one of my favorite bourbons and I consider myself very lucky when I find a bottle on the shelf, especially when it cost about $30 bucks.  Chased by some because it has the same juice as Pappy, for me it has a taste all its own.  Not to mention a bottle doesn’t cost the same as a vacation.  I’ve heard the main difference between Weller and Pappy is the type of barriers and the rack house they’re stored in.  This would be one of my favorite bottles even at three times the price.


The appearance is a bronzed dark caramel with some oxidized rust waves.


The nose is a sugar, vanilla, and caramel dusted smoked almond.  There is also a faint aroma of extra sweetness, possibly sweet tart ropes (which happens to be one of my favorite candies).


The first sip is a jailbreak of flavors bum-rushing the palate: caramel, vanilla, spice, dark fruit, oak, cherry and citrus.  The wheat presence adds to the sweetness without ever being overwhelming.  The finish is woody caramel vanilla with a touch of citrus and spice and everything nice, that’s what great bourbons are made of.  If you’re lucky enough to see it in the wild snatch it up as quick as you can.

Rating 🥃🥃🥃🥃1/2

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