Old Forester 1897: Review


100 Proof/ 50% ABV, Bottled-in-Bond, Kentucky Straight Bourbon, No Age Statement (NAS)

Let’s get this started by saying we’re big fans of what Old Forester is doing right now. There’s some real creativity and quality coming out with a solid grounding in history and even the fun aspect of a movie tie-in.  1897 is the second in the Distillery Row series, honoring the year that the Bottled-in-Bond act was made law. We have previously reviewed, and loved the 1920 Prohibition Style. We tasted this one at one of our favorite restaurants to whet our appetite for a good ribeye steak. We were first offered the Birthday Bourbon at a slightly higher price, but decided to save that for another review.


Medium/Dark amber.


I got a lot of orange, leather and cinnamon, with a bit of alcohol kick.


The first sip exploded with a burst of buttery sweetness, and some dark fruits. As for mouthfeel, it seemed a little thin. After adding a touch of water, the heat smoothed out and let loose with more butterscotch flavor. The fragrant nose led me to expect even more depth of flavors and complexity, similar to the experience with other Old Foresters, but I was left wanting more. This is good, but for the same price I take the 1920, or go with the Signature and save some money.

Rating: 🥃🥃🥃

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