Old Grand-Dad 114: Review

FullSizeRender (12)57% alcohol/Vol 114 Proof

Affectionally referred to as “OGD”, for me this is the best line to come out of Jim Beam Distillery.  Old Grand-Dad is the base mixing bourbon at one of my favorite Little Rock restaurants, South On Main, for which I tip my hat to them.  OGD 114 has been one of my daily drinkers for the last 5 years.  For people who love high rye bourbons, this is one of my favorite $20 bottles.  Towards the end of last year when it was announced that Beam Suntory was considering discontinuing this line, it seemed to rally the troops and push people into hording caches.  With a similar recipe to Basil Hayden, I’d take OGD 114 every time.  Now that production is rolling again, these bottles are readily available.


The coloring is that of a dirty amber.


The nose is that of a rye cinnamon toast crunch with some orange marmalade sitting next to the cereal.  This is a strong bourbon, so at 114 proof you’re also going to smell some alcohol.


This is one of the most flavorful inexpensive bourbons I’ve tasted, get ready for the long list.  The taste contains hay, oak, vanilla, caramel, leather, pepper, dry fruit, sugar, and cinnamon.  After multiple sips, the hay, vanilla, oak, sugar, and cinnamon settle into the sweet spot.  The finish is where this bourbon really stands out, it’s a caramel candy-coated hay with a slight red-hot kicker.  I know this bourbon isn’t for everyone, but it’s a star for me.   This is a grand-daddy that I could hang out with on the front porch any day of the week.  I think this is a bottle everyone should have in their collection.

Rating: 🥃🥃🥃🥃

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