Woodford Reserve Double Oaked: Review


90.4 Proof/ 45.2% ABV, Kentucky Straight Bourbon, No Age Statement (NAS)

After having heard good things about Woodford Reserve Double Oaked, I was pleased to see it available on the top shelf hidden back behind the register at my favorite store. The air of exclusivity by hiding it back there made me feel like I’d scored a bargain, even though I paid a good $60 for it. The handsome bottle and rich brown coloring of the whiskey promised a good bit of sipping. Unfortunately, this bottle let me down.


Rich, dark golden brown, with quick-running legs that speedily race down the sides of the glass.


Tons of oak and vanilla, hiding a bit of spice and leather.


That oak and leather hit the tongue right up front, with a bit of astringency. The finish is very short, and worst of all for me is a very thin mouth feel—almost like water. Other than the oak flavors, there’s just a touch of cinnamon and spice, but not much more flavor complexity. I strived hard to detect a faint note of caramel and some bitter dark chocolate. After adding a splash of water, the bitter elements came out even more, too much more. In the proper mood, I could like the dark, bitter elements of this bourbon, but the thin watery consistency is what drives me away wishing I’d bought two bottles of McKenna 10 instead.

Rating: 🥃1/2


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