Colonel E.H. Taylor Single Barrel: Review


Bottled-in-Bond, 100 Proof, 50% ABV, Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

The Col. Taylor brand is named after Edmund Haynes Taylor Jr., founder of what’s now Buffalo Trace Distillery and innovator of the the Bottled-in-Bond act which saved bourbon from old-school unsavory practices that were diluting it’s quality. This bottle also sports the other grand Buffalo Trace innovation, the single barrel bottling that was first introduced for their Blanton’s brand in the 1980s. We tasted this bottle at a regular meeting of the Whiskey Wednesday at the club, so several of our members contributed to this review. Let it be stated we appreciate all of the Buffalo Trace brands and products, and Col. Taylor is one of the best. We can’t wait to get our hands on some of the newer releases like the Four Grain and the Seasoned Wood.


Light amber honey


A subtly light nose, with hints of oak, figs, butterscotch.


Big and spicy, with a heavy wallop on the palate right off the bat. Super smooth and silky, this goes down easy. Even our more tentative whiskey drinkers had a good time with this one. The 100 proof keeps it from being too hard on the alcohol, and lessens the burn while still packing a punch. A medium finish lingered mellowly to pave the way for the next sip. This single barrel expression has everything we love in the Small Batch, and more of it. In fact our only caveat here, is wondering whether the premium for Single Barrel is worth the step up in price.

Rating: 🥃🥃🥃1/2


We’ve seen it from around $70 to $100


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