Russell’s Reserve 10 Years Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey: Review

FullSizeRender (8)45% alcohol/Vol 90 Proof

Named after Wild Turkey’s Master Distiller, Jimmy Russell, you know this has the stamp of approval from one of the best distilling families.  Priced in the $30 range, Russell’s delivers a different experience than the other turkey lines do at similar cost.  All of these barrels that the Russells select are from the center of the rick house, which is believed to be the sweet spot.  We typically see it around us in the $40 range.


The  nose is a spicy vanilla with alcohol, like a spiked vanilla spiced chai latte.  The aroma is very warm and inviting.


The coloring is light brown with some golden orange hints.


The flavor is complex and entertaining, each sip reveals another layer previously undiscovered.  The first taste is buttered sugar maple with some leather.  The longer you look you’re rewarded with orange and chocolate and smoked oak.  The smoke, leather, and sweetness blends together wonderfully.  There’s something reminiscent of cooking desert in a seasoned skillet with your grandpa whittling in the chair next to the stove, smoking a corncob pipe.  The finish is allspice, oak, and smoke further enhancing the memory.  This is the kind of bourbon that I think my great grandpa would have drank with me, his nickname was “Pap-paw”.

Rating 🥃🥃🥃1/2

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