Review: Elijah Craig Small Batch Barrel Proof


124.2 Proof, 62.1% ABV, Batch No. B517

High proof whiskeys seem to be all the rage these days, maybe as a backlash against distilleries trying to cut back their proof to meet demand in a strong market. Lets start this review by saying that we love the regular (now No Age Statement) Elijah Craig Small Batch for it’s combinations of deep flavor and good price. So when we came upon a bottle of this Barrel Proof expression of one of our everyday favorites, we snatched it up at the same time we got the similarly high proof Stagg Jr. (Which was a very different kind of high octane experience.)


Medium dark amber, long luxurious legs.


Moderate heat packing notes of vanilla and allspice


A hot first sip set our tongue to tingling, as the warming finish slipped slowly away. This lip and tongue tingling heat is what most high proof bourbon lovers seek and it’s here in abundance, but it covers most of the flavors we also enjoy, revealing just a touch of hard candy. After adding a little water, caramel and orange were instantly unleashed into the nose, toning down the heat—but not too much. Coffee and dark chocolate suddenly appeared on the palate along with vanilla and allspice and a bit of bitter almond.

Rating: 🥃🥃🥃🥃

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