Rebel Yell Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey: Review

IMG_2808Aged 10 Years, 50% ABV (100 Proof)

The Rebel Yell name carries complicated associations, from the Confederate battle cry to the Billy Idol song about Keith Richard’s favorite whiskey (she wants more, more, more). This storied brand has gone through several ups and downs. The day I picked up this limited edition bottle for a premium price of around $70, I also picked up a bottle of the standard Rebel from the bottom shelf for $8. I used some of the eight buck Rebel in the barbecue sauce in the picture above. Now produced by the sourcing company Luxco (same producers of Blood Oath), it’s rumored to be distilled by Heaven Hill using their standard mash bill of 68% Corn, 20% Wheat, 12% Malted Barley.


Pecan colored with medium length legs.


A lot of vanilla and oak wafted out of the glass without much heat.


Smooth and elegant butterscotch mingled with some toffee and spice. It has a quick finish without much burn. Overall presented as delicately refined and very well mannered, despite the brand’s bad reputation. After adding water I got more of that chewy butterscotch and honey for a well-rounded mouthfeel. Sipping slowly, it revealed more dry flavors of leather and oak with time to breathe.


Rebel 10 has picked up quite a few enthusiasts of the wheated style of whiskey (a la the Wellers, and Pappys). This is definitely a smooth operator, maybe the smoothest I’ve ever had. The longer it breathed the more like nectar it got. After tasting the 10 I had to taste a bit of regular Rebel to gauge the difference (full review coming soon). The standard Rebel was so unappetizingly light yellow colored, I almost wanted to pour it out. But on tasting, it wasn’t as bad as it looked. Mostly sweet, but still smooth. And it worked well in the BBQ sauce.

Rating: 🥃🥃🥃1/2

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