Review: Wild Turkey 101 Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

IMG_2588Wild Turkey 101 was the whiskey we drank when didn’t know how to drink. But, it’s been a bit of Wild Turkey renaissance recently with fans all over demanding we take another look. We recently reviewed two of the upper shelf expressions such as the Wild Turkey Diamond , and the Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit. Our history with Wild Turkey mostly consisted of it being one of the many things we experimented with as we basically lived out the movie Dazed and Confused. Back then, a favorite drink for hanging out at the car wash was something called the Kicking Chicken—one part Mountain Dew, and one part Wild Turkey 101. We’d just pour out the top half a Big Gulp with the good ice, and fill it back up with the whiskey. It’d last all night, all right. Any mixologist out there is welcome to replicate this recipe at your bar. Appropriately enough Wooderson, (er, Mathew McConaughey) is now Wild Turkey’s Creative Director.


The usual caramel, with a whiff of cherry and orange, and a hint of tobacco and leather that recalls the much stronger scents in the Wild Turkey Diamond.


A medium dark amber color, and long slow lingering legs like its not in any hurry to get anywhere.


It comes on with a slow heat, first blast of flavor is burnt sugar, followed by that leather that seems to be endemic to the Turkey. (Probably due to the extra dark charred barrels they tout.) The mouthfeel was rather thin, and the complexity of flavors didn’t quite live up to my expectations from the nose. The finish hung around for a while with a pleasant peppery heat. Overall, it’s not bad at all for $25, and definitely doesn’t need to be drowned in Mountain Dew to make it palatable. Sure, it’s young and rowdy but shows promise of sophistication with further development. Indeed, the longer you let it breathe  while slowly sipping, the mellower it gets.

Rating: 🥃🥃1/2


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