Review: Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit Single Barrel


50.5%/Vol 101 Proof

Seems like everyone we know has a fun story about Wild Turkey from their youth, almost a rite of passage.  Wild Turkey was the whiskey of our misspent youth. The liquid accompaniment to rambunctious shenanigans. The magic potion that gave us the courage to do the things we probably really shouldn’t.

Well, this isn’t the 101 bird that you stole from some girl’s brother’s stash in the converted garage man cave.  This Turkey has its full plume and a beard, definitely a mature turkey as you can tell by the spread feathers on the bottle.  We’ve been a fan of the bird before Matthew McConaughey started doing commercials or voiceovers.  We were fans before De Leon & Primmer designed them the most kick-ass visitor center.  This goes back to the nostalgia of misguided nights of our adolescence.  You can say we’re bird watchers. (Please excuse the flights of fancy prose, our reviewer got a little taken away by nostalgia on this sip.)


The nose on this is leather, citrus, and roasted pecans, like Flashdance-era  Jennifer Beals baking pie in her grandmother’s kitchen.


The appearance is golden blonde and it walks the glass with some pretty long legs.  From the look and smell of her, it might be hard to work up the nerve to ask this girl to dance.

Tasting Notes:

Once you do though, it’s worth it—because she is a knockout with personality, like the girl who didn’t come into her own until later in high school when she finally lost the braces and took off the glasses.  There is a hoedown of flavors on the first sip begging you to keep dancing with this sweet little thing.  We get vanilla, orange, and cinnamon right off the bat, then she whispers some leather, wood, and caramel notes as she smiles at ya.  The finish is a little dry and smoky with a touch of brown sugar.  She’s giving you a long kiss on the check and thanking you for the dance as you see her walk away for a smoke break with the bad girls.  By this time you’re hooked, she’s gonna have you ask for her number before the end of the night.  There’s a little heat on the backend, but that’s part of the fun.  At $55 a bottle, she’s not a cheap date, but she’s worth it.  This isn’t a one-night stand, this is the bottle that you want to start a regular relationship with, but you probably still won’t marry her.

Rating 🥃🥃🥃🥃1/4

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