Review: Johnny Drum Kentucky Bourbon


50.5% Acc/Vol 101 Proof

Coming from the Willett Distillery, this is one of their other lines that don’t carry the Willett name.  Unlike most Willett product, we feel Johnny Drum Private Stock doesn’t have to hold to the Willett taste profile.  A relatively young distillery, Thompson Willett founded it in 1936.  It wasn’t until the 1960’s that Johnny was released and it was a California only product.  We’re happy to see this bourbon sticking around, holding to the original recipe.  Still carrying on strong like the Civil War drummer boy that it was allegedly named after.


The nose barely gives off any scent of alcohol, instead you get a straw basket full of stone fruit.  From the first whiff, you’re transported to an old country road meandering past a luscious peach orchard.  It’s almost like smelling a Norman Rockwell painting.


The first sip is dry like leather with fruit wood and orange peels with a gooey string of caramel.  The finish is cinnamon smoked dry leather.  With no age statement, we think this bottle drinks older than 12 years.



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