Review: James E. Pepper 1776 Bourbon


50% Acc/Vol 100 Proof

We’re typically a little tougher on sourced whiskey as opposed to when it’s not self-produced by the distiller.  After tasting this bottle, we’ll try not to be so judgmental next time.  We don’t love the bottle or the label, but this is a case of a book being better than it’s cover.  This product has been hard to find, I don’t think they have a local distributor where we are, so we picked ours up across the state line in Missouri.  We liked the price, being $32 makes it easier to gamble on an unknown quality.

Tasting notes

The nose on James E. Pepper is hot with a lot of alcohol, a little toffee and a pinch of chocolate faint enough to be peaking around the corner.  The first sip brings on rye flavor with a pepper spice—living up to the Pepper name being flamboyant and lively.  The finish reveals wood, rye, and nutmeg making for a unique blend of flavors.  At a low price, this bottle is worth a try or keeping in your collection to share with friends who want to discover a different profile.  A cube of ice opens up some additional sweetness, allowing for a sprinkle of vanilla to pop up.  Indeed, this is a bourbon where a cube or a dash of water can do wonders.



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