Baker’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Review

IMG_2247 2107 Proof, Aged 7 Years

One of the Original Small Batch Bourbons collection (along with Basil Hayden, Booker’s, and Knob Creek) from Jim Beam Suntory, Baker’s has a significant lineageā€”even named after Jim Beam’s grandnephew Baker Beam. We expected more from this distinctive heritage.


Not much there. Very hard to pick up any distinctive scent, beyond the alcohol heat. After thrusting our nose deeper into the glass and huffing as hard as we could, there was a trace of cinnamon and peppery heat, with a bit of orange citrus.


Medium length legs. Light honey color.


On the tongue, we gathered more of that cinnamon, with some spices and citrus. But mostly just more alcoholic heat (even more than you’d expect for 107 proof). The mouth feel was rather thin and weak. The finish lingered a while, but the overwhelming impression was there just wasn’t much there there.


Around $50


For this price, we definitely wouldn’t recommend. Especially with so many other worthy bourbons around this price point, or even less. It could make for good cocktails, but why pay this much to cover it up with mixers. While we firmly believe that even the worst whiskeys are still pretty good, this one just isn’t a good value.



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