Medley’s Private Stock 10 Years Old Review


45% Acc/Vol, 90 Proof

The Charles Medley Distillery can sometimes be overlooked, and bypassed for more flashy or better marketed brands. That’s a crying shame because they produce some of our favorite juices, from the top shelf to the bottom shelf—featuring unique flavors that makes us big fans. Whiskey with 10 years of aging at a good price (in this case $45), isn’t always easy to find.  Supposedly a limited release with around 1,000 cases, we were happy to discover this bottle just sitting on the shelf at a local shop—with a reduced price to free up space for flashier bottles.  The mashbill of 77% corn, 10% rye, 13% malted barley, reminds us of Elijah Craig or Bookers, featuring sugar and spice with fruit notes.

Tasting notes

The initial aroma perks you right up with popcorn and molasses followed by a hint of brown sugar—unlocking fond childhood memories of caramel covered popcorn in fall football weather. In the glass you’ll find a lot of spice, oak, and hazelnut on the front end of the palette, with a minor hint of a maple and peach sneaking in for the win.  It’s inviting, giving you a wink and a nod—motioning you in for another sip, and another.  The finish doesn’t linger too long.  And the legs are only medium length as well. There are very subtle notes of vanilla and caramel on the back end.  We think if you can find this bottle under $50, you’ve got a good bargain and a great time ahead of you.



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