1792 Full Proof Bourbon Whiskey Review

IMG_2155This is the first review generated by a joint tasting by our founding lead reviewer and our super taster working together over a whiskey Wednesday happy hour at the club. Our first impression of this fine looking bottle was that it drank better than we expected for a full proof bourbon.


Very high heat of alcohol coming off the nose, followed by hints of vanilla, oak, and almonds.


Medium amber, with short fast legs that disappear quickly as you swirl the glass.

Tasting notes:

Much softer on the palate than one expects after the high heat nose. We picked up a cornucopia of flavors: cinnamon, brown sugar, and dried fruits like apricots and almonds. On the negative side, it doesn’t have as much wood or smoke as other barrel proofs. On the positive sad, it goes down smoother than other high proofs whiskeys. In other words, it doesn’t test like fire water, but it will lighten your mood in a flash.


You should be able to find this in the $50 range.


🥃🥃🥃 1/2

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